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Tax Free Safety for NJ State

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Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to ascend and descend high rise. We at J.Racenstein make sure that the safety of all our professional clients is uncomprosized.

All Tax Free Safety for NJ State Products


By providing brands like DBI/Sala, J.Rcaenstein, Pigeon Mountain Ind., Bluewater, Descent Control, Gemtor, Kong safety equipment, Liberty mountain, Miller, Mio mechanical, New England ropes, pelican rope, Rescue Technology, Rockford manufacturing, Unger, etc. we make sure our clients receive quality products at their door step whenever they order anything from our website.

We provide all types of safety products needed for high rise jobs like Safety ropes used for or Descenders and Rope Grabs, Control window cleaners chair which can be stored in assembled condition with belts and attachments for quick access, Vacuum suction cups which are ideal for positioning yourself from a bosun chair or controlled descent, Solid braided nylon rope that’s has high tenacity fibers of quality nylon tightly woven to give top notch performance, Suspension harness is designed for greater comfort with wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops that offer excellent support, Neoprene gloves which have blind stitched and glued for an improved grip, etc.

Apart from these, we have shock Absorbers, Descent control ropes, Ascenders, Descenders, Lanyards, safety boots and many more products which you can use to maintain safety standards.