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Pro Filters for IPC Eagle

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We provide Pro Filters for IPC Eagle Products. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying water and prove to be useful.

All Pro Filters for IPC Eagle Products

Pro Filters for IPC Eagle Products

RO Membrane insert 21in Tucker RO Membranes are designed to operate at extremely low operating pressures making. RO Membrane Filters seperate water into "Cleaner" permeate and dirtier bypass water. RHG TuckerĀ® 4 x 40" RO membrane makes more water than any other membranes on the market today. The RO Membrane insert is a very economical replacement option for your RO/DI water fed pole system.

HydroCart Filter Kit Pro is manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene fibers. Open your DI filter housing, remove the exhausted DI filter and replace it with the new one. The active filter media material is mineral based with a polypropylene cover that insures no carbon fines are released into the stream while offering strong absorptivity. High efficiency, low pressure drop, and long life.

Sediment Filter 4.5in x 10in ProTool, this filter cartridge fits most standard in-line Filter Housings 4.5x10 Polypropylene Construction. Universal water filter replacement fits any standard 4.5 x 10 inch housing for commercial or whole house system. Constructed of thermally bonded 100% Pure polypropylene microfibers. Contains no binders, agents, solvents, antistatic materials or wetting agents. It has a capacity 60,000 to 70,000 gallons, replace at least annually and sediment filter for sand, dirt, silt, rust, and scale particles reduction 5 Micron.