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Roof Cleaning Anchors

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We provide Roof cleaning anchors for Roof cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All Roof Cleaning Anchors Products

  • Roof Rig 3x8 Aluminum MIO
    Item #: 99-138 MPN: MRR250A-3X8 UPC: 00669893055483
    Regular Price: $5,812.30
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Early December
    PPI: 47635
  • Roof Rig 3x6 Aluminum MIO
    Item #: 99-136 MPN: MRR250A-3X6 UPC: 00669893055476
    Regular Price: $5,812.30
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Early December
    PPI: 32665
  • Parapet Clamp MIO
    Item #: 99-100 MPN: MTBC UPC: 00669893055360
    Regular Price: $992.90
    In Stock
    PPI: 19760
  • Anchor Freestanding Counterweight
    Item #: 99-905 MPN: 2100185 UPC: 648250173275
    Regular Price: $6,147.10
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Early December
    PPI: 13765
  • Roof Anchor Disposable
    Item #: 99-301 MPN: RF-1034-2 UPC: 00669893055506
    Regular Price: $10.60
    In Stock
    PPI: 10599.04
  • Roof Anchor Reusable
    Item #: 99-302 MPN: M8-1036 UPC: 00669893055513
    Regular Price: $18.95
    In Stock
    PPI: 10376.35
  • Anchor for Door/Window Jam
    Item #: 99-902 MPN: 2100080 UPC: 840779003013
    Regular Price: $1,083.85
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Mid December
    PPI: 10000
  • Roof work Fall Protection Kit
    Item #: 12-660 MPN: <-- KIT --> UPC: 00669893014954
    Regular Price: $807.20
    Available Early December
    PPI: 8000
  • Roof Rig 2x8 Aluminum MIO
    Item #: 99-128 MPN: MRR250A-2X8 UPC: 00669893055469
    Regular Price: $4,769.05
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Early December
    PPI: 7865
  • Roof Rig 2x6 Aluminum MIO
    Item #: 99-126 MPN: MRR250A-2X6 UPC: 00669893055452
    Regular Price: $4,972.95
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Early December
    PPI: 4925
  • Hitch Plate
    Item #: 99-915 MPN: RHP1 UPC: 00669893055582
    Regular Price: $354.05
    In Stock
    PPI: 1780
  • Hitch Anchor
    Item #: 99-914 MPN: 603415 UPC: 00669893055575
    Regular Price: $291.95
    In Stock
    PPI: 270
  • Pin for Rig Long MIO
    Item #: 99-108 MPN: RP-LP UPC: 00669893055421
    Regular Price: $28.05
    Available Early December
    PPI: -9305
  • Roof Rig 2x4 Aluminum MIO
    Item #: 99-124 MPN: MRR250A-2X4 UPC: 00669893055445
    Regular Price: $5,193.15
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Early December
    PPI: -10000
  • The RidgePro Roof Anchor
    Item #: 99-304 MPN: RP3Q14-R UPC: 00669893055520
    Regular Price: $678.70
    Available Mid December
    PPI: -10000
  • RidgePro Roof Anchor Positioning Pole
    Item #: 99-305 MPN: EXT816-G UPC: 00669893055537
    Regular Price: $105.60
    In Stock
    PPI: -10000
  • Lifting Kit for Counterweight Anchor
    Item #: 99-907 MPN: 2104190 UPC: 648250173237
    Regular Price: $426.35
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Early December
    PPI: -10000
  • Counterweight for Freestanding Anchor
    Item #: 99-906 MPN: 7200439 UPC: 840779003044
    Regular Price: $187.45
    Available to Special Order, Estimated: Early December
    PPI: -10005
  • Roof Rig Parapet Roller MIO
    Item #: 99-103 MPN: MRR-2P UPC: 00669893055377
    Regular Price: $5,506.05
    Available Early December
    PPI: -1000001
  • Anchorage Connector Portable/Reusable
    Item #: 99-310 MPN: 496 UPC: 00669893055544
    Regular Price: $213.65
    Available Early December
    PPI: -1000001
  • D-ring Anchorage Plate DBI/Sala
    Item #: 99-912 MPN: 2101630 UPC: 840779000630
    Regular Price: $55.15
    Available Early December
    PPI: -1000001

Roof Rig 3x8 Aluminum MIO Portable Roof Rigs are the toughest and most versatile roof rigs available. MIO roof riggers incorporate a triangular design for strength and stability. They assemble and disassemble in minutes without tools. The MIO-250 Aluminum Portable Roof Rigs are the toughest and most versatile roof rigs available. Easily positioned, they provide a safe and secure transportable anchorage point. When disassembled, the parts easily fit in any elevator cabin or through any roof hatch. MIO Roof Riggers are OSHA, CAL. OSHA, and ANSI compliant and are chosen by professionals worldwide for their stability, ease of setup and durable long lasting construction. 

MIO Parapet Clamp Model MTBC is designed to be used where manual descend is needed by one suspended worker with manual bosun’s chair or saddle. The Tie Back Clamp is easy to attach to the parapet for support. Lightweight and adjustable to fit walls with a thickness of up to 24". Heavy-duty steel construction.

Anchor Freestanding Counterweight has transportable components, 16 weights 45lbs each plus anchor point. Built-in shock absorbing post provides added safety to user and structure. Fall arrest and restraint rated for one worker for jobsite versatility. It is Ideal for use on flat surfaces up to a maximum of 5 degrees slope/pitch. Freestanding counterweight anchor provides a tie-off point for personnel.

Roof Anchor Disposable is quickly installed by nailing the anchor into place through sheathing and truss on the roof using the ten included 16d nails. This Knock-Down disposable roof anchor provides workers with a fall protection anchor during initial construction.  Once work is complete, simply “knock-down” the top of the anchor and shingle over it when the job is complete.

Roof Anchor Reusable is hinged D-ring reusable roof anchor is built to last. It is rated at over 23Kn (5,000 LBS) and has a red powder coat finish for corrosion resistance. The anchor meets or exceeds the requirements of OSHA and ANSI Z359.1.

The RidgePro Roof Anchor is a rooftop safety equipment provides an easy to use design to keep contractors safe. Easy to assemble and use means you will be stepping onto a roof to get the job done quickly and safely. RIDGEPRO™ offers a unique design providing the ultimate rooftop safety equipment. This tool gets you safely from the ladder to the roof peak and back. Attach the RidgePro to the roof surface with 4 lag screws to secure as a roof anchor.