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Pole & Brush Adaptors

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We provide Pole & Brush Adapters for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All Pole & Brush Adaptors Products

Tucker Brush Dual Trim for Euro Water Fed Poles is the gold standard when it comes to Water Fed Pole Brushes. Brush materials: Nylon, Boars Hair and Hybrid. This brush it includes everything you need for the ultimate water fed brush.

Spray Nozzle 50 ft Extension Kit for ProTool Sprayer or Garden Hose end you can use this kit with the ProTool Sprayer to reach up a structure for spraying chems. The spray tip is attached to an angle adaptor at the center screw. Over the top spraying capabile for use with Water Fed poles and comes with an Acme Pole use the Ettore Angle Adaptor.

Gardiner Lever Complete is a replacement Lever for Gardiner Water Fed Poles. Nylon Lever is part of the Smart Clamp System and featuring the most advanced WFP clamping system in the world today. It Fits the Clamps on all Gardiner Poles.

UniValve on/off switch for WFP with crimps is designed to be used with waterfed poles where the tubing is run through the pole. This valve is installed inline with your current tubing and is designed to sit inside the top or #1 Pole Section. The UInivalve allows you to easily turn on and off the water supply simply pulling the tubing at the bottom of the pole. Install the UInivalve approximately 2 feet from the top of the pole and use the provided clamps-Crmpms to secure the tubing to the valve barbs