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Exterior Cleaning Brushes

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We provide different types Exterior cleaning brushes from brands like Mr. Longarm, Wagtail, etc. which are useful in exterior cleaning, these items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be handy.

All Exterior Cleaning Brushes Products

Tucker Brush Boar Hair for Euro Water Fed Poles is a lightweight Boar's hair brush that will fit plastic angle goosenecks. When you need the most aggressive scrubbing brush to tackle built-up dirt, this Tucker Brush is your top contender. This brush features natural boars hair bristles that scrub away dirt and grime with ease. Each Tucker brush is outfitted with a centralized tee fitting that has a common euro thread socket so it threads onto a standard waterfed pole. The push to fit fitting makes a quick connection to your supply hose to get water flowing through the brush. Choose from either 4 pencil jets, great for hydrophilic glass, or 4 fan jets for hydrophobic glass. Sitting on a 10 inch block, select the 12 inch brush for more precision, or the 18 inch style to work larger areas. Size measured by width of bristles, not block length. Brush fitting style may vary.

The Wave Waterfed Sleeve System 14in is a multi jet channel produces an even flow of water, providing lubrication while offering great scrubbing power. The microfiber washing pad delivers great surface contact on the glass for fast cleaning. The combination of a continuous flow of pure water and the microfiber pad increases cleaning power The constant rinsing of the microfiber improves the cleaning process and picks up dirt quicker. Clean faster and more effectively with The Wave. The wave is a Multi jet pivoting cleaning tool that combines an abrasive microfiber pad and double pivot action to more effectively and more easily clean from all heights and angles. Wagtail’s Double Pivot technology sets a whole new standard for swivel head cleaning tools. Delightfully simple to use the tilt and pan control is very responsive whether you’re using it on a pole or by hand.

Brush Mighty Mini Shark is a handheld, multi-purpose brush, for cleaning tile and grout, detailing cars or boats, cleaning the fridge or a coffee potThe Mighty MINI-Shark is just plain amazing it is the best handheld grout brush on th planet bar none. Calling it a grout brush is a misnomer as it can be used to clean virtually anything where a small tough cleaning tool is required. Great for wall tile, counter tops, and bathrooms but also for detailing cars , cleaning appliances, pool skimmers, coffee pots...you name it and it will do the job. Maid services & Housekeepers love the MINI-Shark.

PowerSupply 230/24v Qleen Rotating Brush is a portable external power supply with remote control for rotating brush Allows the use of Rotaqleen when the Qlestation used is not electrically equipped or systems from other manufacturers are used.

Qleen Brushes for Rotating Brush System is the rotating classic for thorough facade cleaning. The drive is powered by two high-performance motors in the brush head. Ideal for cleaning solar panels, large solar panels as well as photovoltaic systems. The electrically operated special brush, which develops a lot of cleaning power thanks to rotation and its own weight. It is simply mounted to the QLEEN poles and can therefore be used (depending on the brush head purchased) from the floor up to a height of 20 metres for glass, façades or solar cleaning work. With two 12 volt motors in the brush head, it delivers significantly better cleaning results than standard brushes offered in the market.