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Dual RO Wall, Truck Mount Pure Water System Assembled

Quick Overview

  • Dual RO system wall mount system that is Ready To Use (RTU) once mounted.
  • Dual 40in RO Industry Standard Membrane provides1.5 to 2 gpm of flow and with the proper startup and end of job procedure followed will last 5 to 7 years.
  • 20In DI provides a long service life, change when the water output rises above 10tds on your meter.
  • 20in Carbon Filter - 80,000 gallons - Change once per year when used regularly, minimum every 2 years for lightly uses systems.
  • Great for single water fed pole operators who want a mounted system that is ready to use out of the box (once mounted)

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Item #: 150-05341  UPC : 00669893058040  MPN : RODI Kit WMWP



 Available Built to Order, Ships in a Week
This is an obsolete Item

DIY RO DI Wall Mount Dual RO Ready to install as a Truck Mount or Wall mounted installation

Tap Water powered 

20in Sump Style Carbon and DI Filters 

with Two SS RO Housings and 4040 RO Membranes Overview:

  • This system is pre-plumbed and ready to use out of the box (once mounted to a surface)
  • 2 - 40in RO Membranes in SS Housings 
Offering excellent filter life and lots of water flow

  • 1 - 20"  Carbon Filter and Housing 
    Long Lasting Filter, Change once every 6 mos
  • 1 - 20" DI Filter and Housing
    Great Capacity DI Cartridge, reduces Refills
  • Produces 1.5 - 2 GPM of RO production at 60 PSI.
  • Wall mounts for easy installation
  • Bracket for Water in and RO Waste out. 
  • Convenient Pressure Gauge and RO Waste valve location

Installation Example:

Plate with Dual RO Membrane and the Carbon and DI Filters installed in Van, 1.5-2 Gallons per minute to the brush. Tank is not required. 

Installation as shown from just outside the Van

Plate is conveniently mounted on the divider wall of a van. This tap water system does NOT require a tank or pumps. 

Inlet / Outlet 

Convenient female garden hose for tap water in, and male garden hose for RO waste out. Waste Valve is connected right at the bracket for easy access. 

Bracket is pre-installed on the end of two 4ft hoses and ready to place in an easy to use spot on your vehicle. Popular spots would be just inside a van door. 

Tap Water Powered

This system is powered by tap water only and flows plenty of water for a single operator up to 45-50 ft. Capable of pushing two operators, a RO booster pump is recommended. 

Wall Mount for Housings

  • Stainless Steel frame fits 2 stainless steel housings and 2 plastic housings. 
  • Rivnuts for mounting all housings and brackets
  • Mount in a van, on a flat bed truck or trailer
  • 1 Carbon Filter
  • 2 RO filters
  • 1 DI filter


The main reason RO membranes fail in the field is the carbon filter dies quickly and is not maintained.

Regular maintenance of the Carbon Filter important to RO service life.

Which is why this kit offers a 6 month Carbon Filter life, Change in February and August

Many other systems with smaller Carbon filter require the Carbon filter to be replaced every 6 weeks.

The maintenance cost is kept low as the filters are relatively inexpensive, but poor maintenance can drive up the costs. RO's will fail after just a few months without a properly maintained carbon filter.

Batter, Battery Box, Tank and Reels Hoses depicted are not included in kit