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ProTool Accessories

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We provide different types of AutoWashing accessories from brands like J.Racenstein, Unger, Protool, etc. these items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove handy.

All ProTool Accessories Products

ProTool Blue MicroFiber Towel offer Top Quality, Thick Microfiber with sewn edges that offers superior cleaning power and long life. Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels are lint free and offer quick detailing of your glass and painted surfaces. Perfect for serious cleaning and polishing, these 300 gsm towels offer long life and hundreds of washings (wash separately - no fabric softener). Use the ultimate Quality ProTool Microfiber Towels on Auto paint, chrome and windows. Perfect for streak free building cleaning on windows, countertops, partitions, granite, marble, stainless steel, brass, all your shiny surfaces

Wireless Vacuum Portable from Protool is easy to empty dust and easy to wash filter. Great for cleaning cars and hard to reach areasWireless and portable for hard to reach areas. Great for cars, truck, autos for carpets, floor mats, seats, under/in-between seats, trunks. Home use for small jobs, desk, offices, chairs, quick clean up

Foamer Gun - Car Wash Garden Hose Attachment has Foaming Tip which offers excellent soap/surfactant spread on the surface to make cleaning more efficient, use less soap/detergent and get faster results. 6 Level Adjustable Chemical Mix Ratio offers discrete control over the foaming action and chemical consumption. Car Wash, House Wash, Fence Wash, Truck Wash, you get great results from foaming chemical application. Hose End Foaming sprayer Connects to Garden Hose that has a standard hoselock quick connection attached. The large 30 oz. (900ml) solution bottle offers a lot of spraying power before refilling is required.