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Pulex Window Cleaning

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Cleaning the windows is the quickest way to freshen up your house. Your property will sparkle and the interior will become bright and welcoming by cleaning the windows both inside and outside. You should periodically clean or get the windows cleaned if you frequently have guests or hold family gatherings.

J.Racenstein offers a full line of window cleaning tools from squeegees, buckets, brushes, towels to window cleaning kits. You can pick from our wide variety of product line as per your requirement.

All Pulex Window Cleaning Products

Window Cleaning 

J.Racenstein provides a variety of products for the sole purpose of window cleaning, whether its required for professional or household purpose. Our product range cover squeegees, squeegee handles, scrubbers, polishing pads, channels, rubber replacements, wagtails, cleaners, glass sealers, scrapers and blades, poles, ladders, etc. Just name it and we have the products and kits customized as per customers need for which you can contact us directly  (201) 809-7500.

Professionals utilize squeegees with a rubber blade that is sturdy. Purchase a set of these rubbers which are available in a bundle of dozen to keep them handy for replacements. Keep in mind that the rubber blade needs to be replaced once every day. This is advised since we are unable to clean efficiently when the edge of the blade becomes rounded, nicked, or sliced over time. J.Racenstein recommends and promotes well established brands like Triumph, Unger, Sorbo, Ettore and other brands which you can find on our website for good performance.

Window glass cleaners also play a very important role in achieving those flawless and crystal clear shiny windows. Our glass cleaners segment provides you with diversity of various types of cleaners which can be picked as per specific application. Brands like Ettore, Protools, Sorbo, Titan labs, Winsol, Moerman, Unger, etc. are well organized under J.Racenstein's banner.

Window cleaning kits are also a great alternative instead of searching and picking each window cleaning tool after wasting hours on long researches. There are ready to order kits which are optimised as per market trends and analysis on buying carts and sales psychology. Lots of kits and combos are available on J.Racenstein.com by brands like Unger, Pulex, Ettore, Inhouse customized kit from J.Racenstein and more. 

Extension poles also come very handy when it comes to reaching places that are at a certain height where human hands are difficult to get access and also odd places which are too steep, narrow and cornered. Extension poles and their accessories are well sorted under window cleaning category where you will get brands like Gardiner, Mr. Longarm, Wiljer, Ettore, Unger, etc. Our top seller TRAD extension pole with tip from Gardiner is a great product to buy.