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Window Cleaning Tools
Squeegees, channels, rubbers, T-bars, sleeves, specialty tools.

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Scrapers and Blades
Handles, blades, scraper holsters.

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JRC Equipment Water-Fed Poles & Systems
Water-fed poles, water purification systems.

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High Rise & Safety Equipment
Chairs, descenders, ropes, rope grabs, lanyards, harnesses, roof rigs, accessories.

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Gloves, hats, t-shirts, shoe covers, patches.

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Grow Your Business
Janitoria and Floor Care, Bird Control, Awning Care, Green Cleaning, Grafitti Cleanup, Solar Panel Care, Nano-Technology and Gutter Cleaning.

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Cleaners and Chemicals
Glass cleaners, stain & scratch removal, protectants, green cleaning, abrasive pads and protective gear.

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Poles and Accessories
Extension poles, accesssories, replacement parts.

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Ladders and Accessories
Ladders, accessories, and ladder safety.

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Buckets, Brushes, Towels, Holsters
Sponges, brushes, buckets, towels, holsters, steel wool and scrub pads.

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Training and Safety
Safety manuals, training DVDs, VHS tapes and books.

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2009 Catalog
Download the entire 2009 catalog (20 Mb).

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