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H2Pro Chem Delivery System

Item #: 150-0390  MPN : 10070-8-CHEM


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Some glass and hard surface exteriors are difficult to clean with with pure water due to different residues on the glass.  Jet fuels, exhaust near highways, pollen, and others.  

This system allows the user of a waterfed pole to run this auxilary pole hose up their pole, connect to the brush via a secondary set of jets and introduce soap or other surfactants to the surface.  With the press of a button the soap comes through the brush and turns off with another press of the button.  Pure water can be flowing through the brush at the same time and the soap is off during the rinse.

The H2Pro Chemical Delivery System by RHG Products features an 8 gallon holding tank, 12v battery powered delivery pump, 300' of 5/16" chemical delivery line and is controlled by a remote key fob.

These can be added to the H2Pro Tank System and Fill N Go tank systems at time of purchase, added by the owner of a Tank System after the fact, or purchased as a stand alone unit.

Dimensions: 24in x 21in x 17in